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Thanks for doing such a great job with the newsletter each week.
                                                                                ON Member

Here is my renewal for your wonderfully helpful newsletter.  
                                                                                BC Member

Look forward to Win a Contest every week. Thanks for a great newsletter.
                                                                                SK member

Thank you for all the effort you out into this wonderful newsletter - it is very much appreciated and something I look forward to receiving every week.
                                                                                QC Member

Thanks again for a GREAT newsletter… We actually enjoyed the 3 final days of the Curling Brier in Hamilton, thanks to you & the newsletter.
                                                                                NS Member

My husband and I leave this evening for South Africa – the trip I won thanks to info from your newsletter. My other win recently was a cast iron electric grill from Jacob’s Creek. Thanks to all the work you put into the newsletter. I look forward to it every week
                                                                                BC Member

I love receiving your magazine every week.
                                                                                QC Member