Win a Contest Newsletter

The Ultimate Contesting Experience

for Canadian Residents

Win a Contest is a Sweepstakes newsletter for residents of Canada. It brings you into the wonderful world of contests where entry forms are at the click of a button and the chance to win is at your fingertips.

What it offers: Win A Contest Newsletter provides detailed information on provincial and national contests where you can win trips, cars, cash, and other valuable prizes.
What it covers: Mail In & In Store contests which Canadian residents are eligible to enter & win.
Available through: Email or Canada Post
Details offered:
- contest closing date
- how often you can enter
- prizes offered
- eligibility
- age restrictions
- additional comments
- Universal Product Code (UPC) numbers
- where to find the official form (if required)
- and where possible a hand drawn facsimile of the UPC

We search high and low all across Canada for new and exciting up-to-the-minute Contests offering prizes big and small for your contesting pleasure every week.